Space to deal with life's challenges ...

Do you struggle because of issues with anxiety, depression or an important relationship. Or maybe with how you express your anger, the impact long term stress is having on you, substance misuse, insomnia, or ADHD. Or perhaps you struggle with self-esteem issues or in pursuing what you want from life.

Whatever your reason, and however difficult things might seem right now, making the decision to work together could help bring about the change you want.

Tom Keely, BACP Counsellor & Psychotherapist, South Manchester.


I’ve always had more than a passing interest in well-being and mental health. Some years ago I chose to make this interest my profession when I left a corporate career to become a counsellor and psychotherapist. During my training, I was able to work with a broad number of approaches and observe which of them produced the best outcomes. I chose to specialise in ISTDP because I found it capable of producing lasting change, effective where past therapies may have failed and flexible enough to work with a wide range of presenting problems. And also because it encapsulates a way of understanding human nature which seeks to produce deep and lasting change.

My professional development is important as it ensures I offer the knowledge and skills needed to deliver a professional service to my clients. As a Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) I have met the strict standards required to be on the accredited register approved by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care. I am also a member of IEDTA (International Experiential Dynamic Therapy Association) and have completed a comprehensive 3 year IEDTA Certified Core Training in Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy with the ISTDP UK Institute. In addition, I'm working towards the UK's Good Practice Guidelines for Teaching Mindfulness-Based Courses and teach mindfulness within clinical and workplace settings.

Many clients find my practice is supported by my knowledge of anxiety and my qualities as a mindfulness teacher. My practice is based in West Didsbury, Manchester.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly is my personal commitment to working honestly and respectfully with each of my clients.

• Counselling Concepts
• Counselling Skills
• MA Counselling, University of Manchester
• 3 year IEDTA Accredited ISTDP CORE Training - ISTDP UK Institute (2018)
• Advanced CORE Training - Josette ten Have-de Labije (at present)



Therapy is not the only way to make changes in your life, however a therapist is likely to offer an alternative perspective to your family/friends as they're not directly involved in your life. Therapists are also trained to look at the "bigger picture" and therefore work to help you to address the cause of your problem rather than the effect of it.
Rather than resolving your problem directly, I will instead support you to explore the feelings that are associated with your problem. As you turn towards these feelings you’re likely to see an alleviation of the issues that brought you to therapy, the development of a more coherent sense of yourself, and the removal of the barriers that have been stopping you from creating change in your life.
This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on what you want to achieve and what you would like to focus on; it’s something we can discuss when we first meet. Often clients agree on a set number of sessions which we review together as the sessions develop. On the whole the greater the personal development you wish for, the more time you may require. Some people undertake a short course of 12 sessions. This is enough time to develop insight and to generate some strategies for managing your problems. Those wishing to address their underlying issues at a deeper level may require longer.
If you come to work with me then I would understand you want to learn about yourself and your internal process, to explore new ways of relating to yourself and others, and to have choices in how you cope, express your feelings, opinions and longings. I would also understand you are willing to make changes in how you relate to yourself and others, and you would like to approach yourself from a position of love, care, compassion, and honesty.

If you would like to read more about the approach I use then please click here .

I run my private practice in West Didsbury which is conveniently situated close to the M60 and M56 as well as Manchester's Metrolink and bus network. If you would prefer to work via telephone or Skype then I’m able to offer them as an alternative to meeting face/face.
As with all therapies confidentiality starts from your initial enquiry. As a Counsellor & Psychotherapist, I discuss my clinical work with a qualified supervisor who is also bound by the rules of confidentiality specified by the BACP. This is to maintain standards of practice and ensure your best interest. However, as a professional I would need to break confidentiality in rare circumstances if I believed you or another person was at serious risk. In such a case I would aim to discuss this with you before I made contact with the relevant people.
Meeting for the first time is an opportunity to explore working together and for me to understand the problem you would like my help with. It's a chance for you to understand & see how I work and for us to potentially contract working together over an initial number of sessions.
If you would like to explore working together then the best way to do this is by contacting me to arrange a free of charge 20-minute telephone consultation. This way I can come to understand the problem you seek help with, it also allows you the chance to ask questions about working together. If at the end of this call you feel comfortable in meeting then we could look to arrange a first session.


Sessions cost £80 and last for 1 hour - note, I offer a reduced rate for those on low income.

I offer an initial free and confidential 20-minute telephone consultation so you can explore working with me. Note details of this call and all information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Please contact me via the enclosed form, telephone, text or email – details are below.

West Didsbury, Manchester

Phone: 07703 598225